220 active e-commerce companies from all over Estonia!

The Estonian E-Commerce Association is an umbrella organization that was established in 2008 and whose members work together to solve problems occurring in e-commerce and share their achievements.

The association unites Estonian e-commerce businesses and is the promoter and competence centre in its field. We assist businesses, consumers and the public sector. We keep our finger on the pulse of Internet-based business and look to its well-being according to best practice, high quality standards and fair legislation. Today the E-Commerce Association has 220 active members from all over Estonia. Since 2016 the association has been a member of the European umbrella organisation EMOTA and it awards the “European Trustmark” to its members.

Our mission is supported by the following actions:

  • promoting e-commerce in Estonia
  • awarding the “Secure Shopping” trust mark
  • representing members’ interests in the civil service and law-making
  • conducting surveys for e-commerce businesses and consumers
  • organising an annual e-commerce conference and training
  • initiation and promoting of the “E-Monday” tradition
  • selection of the “E-Act” award winner and recognition of e-commerce achievements
  • organising free monthly morning seminars for members
  • helping to create contacts.

All Estonian companies and self-employed operators who have an e-store and to whom e-commerce is an important part of their business and/or whose activity is related to e-commerce can apply to join the Estonian E-Commerce Association.

The Estonian E-Commerce Association is for you if you:

  • need advice and help on e-commerce matters
  • want to obtain the “Secure Shopping” trust mark
  • want to take part in FREE morning seminars 8 x per year
  • want to keep up to date with news in the field
  • want to take part in the association´s conference and training events at a 40% discount
  • want to communicate and exchange experience with other e-commerce businesses at gatherings – the association celebrates its birthday in August and holds a Christmas party in December
  • want to take part in the E-Monday campaign, which is held in May and November, for FREE
  • need advice on communicating with the civil service or institutions
  • are interested in achieving fair competition and a transparent business environment online and want to be part of a professional association.

We ask that you fill in a membership application (for companies and self-employed operators) and e-mail it, digitally signed, to info@e-kaubanduseliit.ee.

Membership is decided by the management within 30 days of receiving an application.

The membership fee for simple members, supporting members and individual members is 290 euros per year. The joining fee is 50 euros. If the member has two or more domains that are added, the fee for each subsequent domain is 145 euros per year.

Estonian e-commerce in figures*

  • There are over 5000 e-stores in Estonia and 2741 businesses in the field of EMTAK 47911 in 2016.
  • Last year 104 businesses in the EMTAK 47911 field closed; a further 74 closed during the first five months of this year.
  • The average e-store sells goods to the value of 63 800 euros per year (2016).
  • 87% of Estonians aged 16-74 use the Internet (2016).
  • More than 543 000 people and 65% of people aged 16-74 have used e-commerce.
  • The most popular types of goods bought online are:
            – travel and accommodation services (60%);
            – concert, cinema and theatre tickets (57%); 
            – clothing and sports equipment (52%).
  • 85% of people using e-commerce bought their goods from Estonian sellers, 45% from the EU and 41% from other countries (2016).
  • In 2017 within 7 first months, post and online retail grew by 38% compared to the previous year (retail overall: 6%). Sales of goods by post and online amounted to 174,9 million euros (retail overall: 6.32 billion euros).
  • Proportion of postal or online retail of total retail: 2.8% (2017).

Sources: Statistics Estonia 2015, Commercial Register 2016


For further information, feel free to contact:

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Signe_KõivSigne Kõiv

Chairman of the Board